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General Discussion » Working With Screenshots On CVGM

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Author Thread
FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

473 Posts
#488 (11 years ago)

This forum post is intended to explain some of the changes that have been made in regards to using screenshots on the site. This is a new feature added at the end of April to allow more media types to be displayed in the "Now Playing" windows, and offer listeners the ability to navigate the site via pictures, screenshots and cover art.

In the past, only YouTube clips were available in the "Currently Playing" area, and many game, EP and demo compo tracks had no videos associated with them. If the user wanted the option, they can disable YouTube clips in "Edit My Profile". A new option has been added there to allow/disallow pictures to be shown. By default, the option is enabled for everyone for a better multimedia experience. If your connection is terrible, or you just prefer not to see them, you can uncheck these and save your profile.

The order in which songs and videos appear for any song is YouTube first, Screenshot 2nd, Pouet screenshot third. If a song contains a YouTube clip, and the user has YouTube vidoes turned off in their profile, they will see the screenshot/pouet screenshot instead (if it exists). Pouet is put last on the list of priorities as many pouet entries have either no screenshot, or the screenshot is low quality, looks bad, or isnt worth displaying. In cases like this, you can manually use a different screenshot in it's place.

Browsing Existing Screenshots
To see a list of all the existing screenshots in the database, click the "Screenshots" option on the Left hand side of any screen (which will take you Here). You can then navigate like you would do the list of songs, showing by letter or cycling through each page. Select any screenshot thumbnail to see a larger version (if it exists) and some information on the screenshot.

The screenshot detail page also shows you the song which the screenshot is attached to. If you wish to request the song for playing, follow the link of the song and click "Add To Queue".

Adding New Screenshots
Adding a new screenshot is very simple. Browse to the page of the song you want the screenshot to appear in. In the section for "Screenshots" there is a link to "Add New Screenshot". Click this link and you will be taken to the screenshot upload page. You will need to specify a name for the screenshot (use Camel Case names), the file to upload (maximum size 1024x1024) and a description, in which you can be brief about the image you are uploading. If its a screenshot, or cover art, just put something in explaining that so the viewer has a better idea of what they are looking at. The field cannot be left blank. Click Send when you have filled out the information.

Once the screenshot has been uploaded, a thumbnail will be created automatically, and you will be taken to the page showing the large version of the image. Once approved, the screenshot will be shown for the song every time it is played.

It is possible to add multiple images to one song, however at this time it is not possible to assign the screenshot to more than one song. This will be fixed in a future update. If multiple images exist for one song, when the song screenshot is displayed, it will randomly pick one of the uploaded images to use.

If you have any more questions about screenshots, feel free to ask. I will update this thread each time the code is changed for this feature.

6 Posts
#490 (11 years ago)
It is now possible to add multiple images to one song, and you can add multiple songs to a screenshot.
FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

473 Posts
#495 (11 years ago)

Yes, it is now possible to add multiple screenshots to any song or compilation. To do this, all you will need to know is the Screenshot ID number (the numeric portion at the end of the screenshot page URL). Once you have it, go to any song or compilation page, click on Add Screenshot, and instead of filling out the normal form and selecting a screenshot image, put the numeric screenshot ID into the bottom field and click "Connect Screenshot".
Deleted by request

167 Posts
#506 (11 years ago)
Would it be possible to make screenshots to be added automaticly if the songs are in a compilation and they then get the compilation screenshot? (unless they already have an screenshot that is)
FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

473 Posts
#507 (11 years ago)
I purposely chose not to add the screenshot to from a compilation to all songs in it automatically, in the event artwork already existed that may be different, such as a game may have different screenshots from different levels.

I did start changing the playback formula for that section that should add the screenshot from the compilation if no others existed yet, perhaps today I will finish that code and apply it
Deleted by request

167 Posts
#509 (11 years ago)
and also to be able to add screenshots when uplaoding songs would be nice
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