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Computer » Atari 8-bit (XL / XE / 400 / 800)Bitter Reality - Flexible Squares by flag SoTe (Adam Bienias)
Requested By: flag djrandom
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Time Left: 5:14

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Rating: 4.25 (4 Votes)

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Compilation (9 013 248 bytes)
Compilation +LET'S DISINFECT+
Compilation 007: Nightfire
Compilation 1st EP
Compilation 1st Steps
Compilation 2008 chiptune superstar
Compilation 2012
Compilation 21 Years of Disappointment
Compilation 226 BC
Compilation 22:06
Compilation 23 October 1990
Compilation 30 Songs In 30 Days (4-mat)
Compilation 30s30d: A Month's Worth of Composing
Compilation 3CHNLS4BIT
Compilation 3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night
Compilation 48 Hour EP Vol. 1
Compilation 48 Hour EP Vol. 2
Compilation 48 Hour EP Vol. 3
Compilation 4chpcm love
Compilation 64 Reasons To Live
Compilation 6581 (Number Of The Beast)
Compilation 8 Bits Is Enuff
Compilation 8-bit lagerfeuer
Compilation 8-Bit Universe
Compilation 8bit killer
Compilation 8Kb
Compilation 8​-​Bit Retro Gameboy Passion
Compilation A Ressha De Ikou - PC-Engine
Compilation A Ressha De Ikou - Super Version
Compilation A Ressha De Ikou - X68000
Compilation A Thousand Furious Bees
Compilation A-Train - Amiga
Compilation A-Train - IBM-PC AdLib
Compilation A-Train - IBM-PC MT-32
Compilation A-Train - Tandy
Compilation Accelerator
Compilation Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
Compilation Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
Compilation Act Of Goat
Compilation Advance Wars
Compilation Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Compilation Adventure Magic Supreme Journey Music
Compilation Aerobiz - SNES
Compilation After Burner III (Sega CD)
Compilation After... (Song Collection)
Compilation Age of Empires III
Compilation Age of Wonders
Compilation Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
Compilation Agony
Compilation Air Management: Oozora ni Kakeru - MegaDrive
Compilation Air Management: Oozora Ni Kakeru - PC-98
Compilation Air Management: Oozora Ni Kakeru - X68000
Compilation Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (Sega Master System)
Compilation Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
Compilation Alice: Madness Returns
Compilation Alien 3
Compilation Alien Invasion
Compilation Alien Prophecy
Compilation Alien Soldier
Compilation All My Robot Friends
Compilation All Night Party
Compilation Amberstar
Compilation An Invitation To Pixelation
Compilation And Beyond
Compilation Anno 1602: Creation of a New World
Compilation Apidya
Compilation Apidya (OST)
Compilation Apollo
Compilation Assassin's Creed
Compilation Assassin's Creed II
Compilation Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Vol.I: Singleplayer)
Compilation Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Compilation Atari Solo
Compilation Atariders
Compilation Atlantis II: Beyond Atlantis
Compilation Atlantis: The Lost Tales
Compilation Atomic Insanity
Compilation ATV: Quad Frenzy
Compilation Autumntunes
Compilation Axel F
Compilation Axelay
Compilation B.I.G. Demo (Best In Galaxy)
Compilation Bacteria
Compilation Bad Company (Atari ST)
Compilation Bad Joke EP
Compilation Baddies
Compilation Badlands
Compilation Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Compilation Banjo Guy Ollie Compilation
Compilation Basic Electronic Standards Vol.1
Compilation Basic Electronic Standards Vol​.​2
Compilation Bastion
Compilation Bdaybrodown
Compilation Beat City
Compilation Beneath Another Sky
Compilation Beneath The Skin
Compilation Benefactor (Amiga)
Compilation Berserker
Compilation Better than reality
Compilation Better Tomorrow
Compilation Beyond Oasis (The Story of Thor)
Compilation Biohazard 2
Compilation Bit Dungeon
Compilation Bit Happens
Compilation BitJam: Solaris
Compilation Blackout
Compilation Blade Runner
Compilation Blaster Master
Compilation Blip Festival 2011: May 19-21 @ Eyebeam NYC
Compilation Bloodrayne: Betrayal (OST)
Compilation Bomberman
Compilation Bomberman Online (DC)
Compilation Boolean Values
Compilation BORTABRA
Compilation Boys Club
Compilation Brainstorm Annual 2010
Compilation Brainstorm Annual 2011
Compilation Brave New World
Compilation Breaking Even
Compilation Breath of Fire III
Compilation Breathe
Compilation Bring Extra Dragons
Compilation Budbrain II Megademo
Compilation BudBrain Megademo
Compilation Bully: Scholarship Edition
Compilation Buttpoop EP
Compilation Buzzin' Off
Compilation C'etait Mieux en RDA Vol. 2
Compilation C0MP0z
Compilation C64 Platinum Hits
Compilation C64 Platinum Hits II
Compilation C64 rEMIXed
Compilation Cadenza: Gyakuten Saiban 1
Compilation Call of Duty
Compilation Call of Juarez: The Cartel
Compilation Cannon Fodder - 3DO
Compilation Cannon Fodder - AdLib
Compilation Cannon Fodder - Atari ST
Compilation Cannon Fodder - MT-32
Compilation Capcom Music Generation Area 88 Original Soundtrack
Compilation Castlevania - Amiga
Compilation Castlevania - C64
Compilation Castlevania - IBM PC-Speaker
Compilation Castlevania - IBM-PC AdLib
Compilation Castlevania - NES
Compilation Castlevania - Tandy
Compilation Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Compilation Cat with a Keytar
Compilation Catherine
Compilation CattButt
Compilation Cave Story
Compilation Chain: Ushinawareta Ashiato
Compilation Chessmaster: The Art of Learning
Compilation Child of Light
Compilation Chillosophy #1
Compilation Chillosophy #2
Compilation Chillosophy #3
Compilation Chipbreak Wars
Compilation Chipfest 6 - The Rehearsal Tapes
Compilation Chipolino Alliance
Compilation Chips, Dips and Facerips
Compilation Chiptek
Compilation Chiptunes = WIN: Vol. 1
Compilation Chiptunes = WIN: Vol. 2
Compilation Choplifter (Sega Master System)
Compilation Chrono Cross
Compilation Chronophobe
Compilation Chronos Beta
Compilation Click Bleep Click
Compilation Clicker Heroes 2
Compilation Climax Landers Original Soundtrack
Compilation Codex
Compilation Colony
Compilation Coloris
Compilation Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (Digital Release)
Compilation Command & Conquer: Renegade
Compilation Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Compilation Commandos 2: Men of Courage
Compilation Commodore 64 Christmas Smash Hits
Compilation Commodore Grooves
Compilation Computer Savvy
Compilation Conflict
Compilation Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood (PC)
Compilation Consolisation
Compilation Contech
Compilation Contra 4
Compilation Control
Compilation Control Me
Compilation Cosmic Lovely Lovely
Compilation CrossworDS
Compilation Crusader of Centy (Soleil)
Compilation Crusader: No Remorse
Compilation Crush Wave
Compilation Crysis
Compilation Crystal Symphonies
Compilation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives
Compilation Cursor Curse
Compilation Cyan Cityscapes
Compilation Cyberphantom
Compilation CyberSpeed Unleashed
Compilation Cyprus Ruin EP
Compilation Danny's Incredible 8-Bit Voyage
Compilation Dark Before Dawn
Compilation Dark Deep Desires EP
Compilation Dark Mode
Compilation Dark Reign 2
Compilation Datura
Compilation Daydreams
Compilation Days
Compilation Dead Beat Mountain
Compilation Decade Demo
Compilation Decades
Compilation Delta
Compilation DemoBit '95
Compilation Derecha
Compilation Descent (PSX)
Compilation Desmos
Compilation Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge
Compilation Destination Unknown
Compilation Detana! Twinbee (出たな!! ツインビー) - Arcade
Compilation Detana! Twinbee (出たな!! ツインビー) - PC-Engine
Compilation Detana! Twinbee (出たな!! ツインビー) - X68000 MT-32
Compilation Detana! Twinbee (出たな!! ツインビー) - X68000 OPM
Compilation Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition)
Compilation Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Compilation Diablo
Compilation Diablo II
Compilation Diad
Compilation Diamond
Compilation Dichotomy
Compilation Digi-Dig
Compilation Digital Ambient Designs
Compilation Dimensions
Compilation Dino Crisis 3
Compilation Dirty Electricity
Compilation Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
Compilation Disconnect
Compilation Distance
Compilation Divide et Impera
Compilation Do You Remember?
Compilation Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukattsu Black Label Arrange Mode Album
Compilation Donkey Kong Country
Compilation Doom 2 (Sycraft remix)
Compilation Doom Classic
Compilation Double Dragon Neon
Compilation Dragon Age: Origins
Compilation Dragon Age: Origins: Leliana's Song
Compilation Dragon Zakura DS
Compilation Dreadful Dub
Compilation Drop
Compilation Droplets Of Water
Compilation Dune (PC, AdLib)
Compilation Dune (PC, Roland MT-32)
Compilation Dune 2000
Compilation Dune II: Battle for Arrakis (PC, Roland MT-32)
Compilation Dune: Spice Opera
Compilation Dynasty
Compilation Earthbound (OST)
Compilation Earthworm Jim (Genesis)
Compilation Eat People #1
Compilation Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (DC)
Compilation Electric
Compilation Embered Recollections
Compilation Emesis
Compilation Emit and Exude
Compilation Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (PC)
Compilation Enemies
Compilation Energies I
Compilation Energies II
Compilation Enlight '96
Compilation Enlight '97
Compilation Equilibrium
Compilation Equinox
Compilation Error Repeat
Compilation Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side
Compilation Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Compilation Everquest II (OST)
Compilation Everquest II: Echoes of Faydwer
Compilation Everyone Cares
Compilation Executable Dreams
Compilation Exile
Compilation EXP-ALL
Compilation Experiment
Compilation Experimentalist
Compilation Explosions in Miniature
Compilation Expoze Music Disk
Compilation Expressions
Compilation Extreme Assault
Compilation Extreme LO-FI
Compilation F-Zero
Compilation Fable
Compilation Fake Bit
Compilation Falling Apart
Compilation Falling Into One
Compilation Fallout 3
Compilation Famicom Connection
Compilation Famicom Sessions
Compilation Fastfall: Dustforce (OST)
Compilation Fell Plot
Compilation Fellowship
Compilation FEZ
Compilation Final Fantasy IV (Piano Collections)
Compilation Final Fantasy Tactics
Compilation Final Fantasy V (Piano Collections)
Compilation Final Fantasy VI
Compilation Final Fantasy VI (Piano Collections)
Compilation Final Fantasy VII (OST)
Compilation Final Fantasy VII (Piano Collections)
Compilation Final Fantasy VIII (Piano Collections)
Compilation FireStorm Music Disk 2
Compilation First Crush EP
Compilation Flight of the Commodore
Compilation For Absent Friends EP
Compilation Forgotten Machines
Compilation Forgotten Music
Compilation Forward
Compilation For_The_Good_Gravy_Man
Compilation Foundation
Compilation Fragments
Compilation FREAKuencies
Compilation Free Songs for Busy Moms
Compilation Frozen Solvents On A Windy Day
Compilation Frozen Synapse (OST)
Compilation FX3
Compilation FX4
Compilation Galaxy Mecca
Compilation Game Boy
Compilation Gameboy Gutsfuck
Compilation Gate And Glitch
Compilation Gears of War
Compilation Genesis
Compilation Ghosts
Compilation Giana Sisters DS
Compilation Girl With Butterfly
Compilation Glass Eater
Compilation Gnomoria - Classic Version
Compilation Gnomoria - Modern Version
Compilation Golden Axe (Atari ST)
Compilation Golden Axe (Genesis)
Compilation Golden Axe II
Compilation Golden Axe III
Compilation Golden Axe Warrior
Compilation GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
Compilation Golvellius: Valley of Doom (Sega Master System)
Compilation Goodbye Mat!
Compilation Got Game?
Compilation Gradius - Arcade
Compilation Gradius - MSX (PSG)
Compilation Gradius - MSX (SCC)
Compilation Gradius - PC-88
Compilation Gradius - PC-Engine
Compilation Gradius - Sharp X1
Compilation Gradius - X68000
Compilation Gradius II: Gofer No Yabou - NES
Compilation Gradius II: Gofer No Yabou - PC-Engine
Compilation Gradius II: Gofer No Yabou - X68000
Compilation Gradius III
Compilation Gradius Rebirth
Compilation Gradius V
Compilation Graveyard Tracks
Compilation Grim Fandango
Compilation Grotesque
Compilation Guilty Gear X Original Sound Track
Compilation Gunstar Heroes
Compilation Gunstar Super Heroes
Compilation Guntech
Compilation Guru
Compilation Gyakuten Saiban
Compilation Gyakuten Saiban (Orchestra Album)
Compilation Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
Compilation Half-Life 2
Compilation Halo
Compilation Halo 2 (Volume One)
Compilation Halo 2 (Volume Two)
Compilation Hands On
Compilation Hands On II
Compilation Hands On III
Compilation Hands On IV
Compilation Hands On V
Compilation Happy Ending After All
Compilation Happy Hardcore X-mas Ep 2010
Compilation Hard Corps: Uprising
Compilation Headhunter
Compilation Headhunter: Redemption
Compilation Heart of Darkness
Compilation Heavy Rain
Compilation Hello World
Compilation Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Compilation Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars
Compilation Hired Guns
Compilation His Master's Noise
Compilation Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Compilation Hitman: Contracts
Compilation Homewerks
Compilation Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Compilation How to Meet Local Hot Women
Compilation Humans 3: Evolution Lost In Time
Compilation Hypothermia
Compilation I Am Still Breathing
Compilation I Wish I Had Skillz
Compilation I, Cactus
Compilation Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly Soundtrack
Compilation Icewind Dale
Compilation Illegal Soundwaves
Compilation Illegal Track or Sector
Compilation Illusion Of Sound, The
Compilation Immortal
Compilation Immortal 2
Compilation Immortal 3
Compilation In SID we trust
Compilation Information Chase
Compilation Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze (PSX)
Compilation Interlude
Compilation Internastellar
Compilation Isms
Compilation Isoljator Remixed
Compilation It's All In The Reflexes
Compilation Jack Orlando
Compilation Jackal
Compilation Jade Empire
Compilation Jaguar XJ220
Compilation Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles
Compilation Jazz Jackrabbit
Compilation Jazz Jackrabbit - CD Edition
Compilation Jazz Jackrabbit - Holiday Hare
Compilation Jesus On E's
Compilation Journey
Compilation Journey to Silius
Compilation Katamari Damacy
Compilation Keio Flying Squadron
Compilation Kessen
Compilation Kessen II
Compilation Kick Master
Compilation Kickstart
Compilation Kill Tape
Compilation Killzone 3
Compilation King's Bounty: The Legend
Compilation Kingdom Hearts
Compilation Kittenrock Duck Compilation
Compilation L'obe Danse la Baie
Compilation La Mulana Sound Collection
Compilation La Mulana Sound Collection - Bonus Tracks
Compilation Lander
Compilation Last Ninja 2
Compilation Leftcoast Hemiplegia
Compilation Legacy Trails
Compilation Legend of Mana
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 1 EGA - IBM PC-Speaker
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 1 EGA - PC-Jr
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA - IBM PC-Speaker
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA - IBM-PC AdLib
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA - IBM-PC MT-32
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 2 - IBM PC-Speaker
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 2 - IBM-PC AdLib
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 2 - IBM-PC MT-32
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Tandy
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 3 - IBM-PC GameBlaster
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 3 - IBM-PC MT-32
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 5 - IBM PC-Speaker
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 5 - IBM PS/1
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 5 - IBM-PC CM-32L
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 6 - IBM PC-Speaker
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry 6 - IBM-PC MT-32
Compilation Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
Compilation Lemmings (Amiga)
Compilation Lemmings - 3DO
Compilation Lemmings - Archimedes
Compilation Lemmings - Atari ST
Compilation Lemmings - C64
Compilation Lemmings - IBM-PC AdLib
Compilation Lemmings - Macintosh II
Compilation Lemmings - Master System
Compilation Lemmings - NES
Compilation Lemmings - PC-98
Compilation Lemmings - PC-Engine
Compilation Lemmings - SNES
Compilation Lemmings - X68000
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes (2)
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes (Amiga)
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - Archimedes
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - FM-Towns
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - GameBoy
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - IBM-PC AdLib
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - SNES
Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - Tandy
Compilation Life's A Bitch
Compilation Lifeforms
Compilation Light Industry+
Compilation Like A Phoenix
Compilation Lo-Bit Bassment
Compilation Lode Runner
Compilation Logical (Amiga)
Compilation LOL
Compilation Lost Eden
Compilation LSDJ
Compilation Lucid
Compilation Lunar: The Silver Star
Compilation Machineder
Compilation Mad TV - Amiga

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