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Miscellaneous » Wild (unknown/unusual source)Preparing For The Madness (Silly Venture 2k22 SE Concert/DJ Gig) Have video by flag Lotek Style (Stefan Benz)
Requested By: flag FishGuy876

Time Left: 57:58

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Compilation Compilation: The LOwest FIdelity

The LOwest FIdelity
The LOwest FIdelity

Compilation Summary:
Name: The LOwest FIdelity
Label: B-Hack
Running Time: 20:03
Num. Disks: 1
Media Type: MP3
Download Link: Download Info

Added On: 27 Oct. 2010
By: flag jyooruje

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Compilation Details For The LOwest FIdelity:

Yeah, it's 1bit time again!!! In order to bring you the true oldschool sound, only the most limited ZX Spectrum beeper software was used - no volume envelopes, no 8 channels, no dirty tricks. Includes two guest tracks by irrlicht project.

Compilation Artists: flag Irrlicht Project flag Mister Beep

Songs In This Production (10 Total) :

Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)Another Music Studio Hit by flag Irrlicht Project Log in to queue
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)The 90s have never come here! by flag Mister Beep l Locked
Computer » Spectrum (Z80 / ULA)Romantic Central Processing Unit by flag Mister Beep Log in to queue
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)Press the corresponding number by flag Mister Beep Log in to queue
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)Pacman will eat you alive! by flag Mister Beep Log in to queue
Computer » Spectrum (Z80 / ULA)One Bit Sound by flag Mister Beep Log in to queue
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)L'autre valse d'Amélie by flag Irrlicht Project Log in to queue
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)Horace's Adventure by flag Mister Beep Log in to queue
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)Binary Universe by flag Mister Beep l Locked
Computer » ZX Spectrum (Beeper)The game is over by flag Mister Beep Log in to queue

Production Notes:

Intros for the songs have been made with other 80s sound-programs for ZX: “NoiseFX Machine Code Sound Effects”, “Percy The Rhythm Interpreter”, “Albert Einstein Drums”, “Sonido 48K”, “Loop Synthesizer”, “Sintetizador De Voz “ and “Orfeus Music Assembler”.

Bonus tracks:
For a comparison, the last two tracks – cool bonuses, made by irrlicht project – have been composed on contemporary BEEPOLA Tracker (2010 by Ccowley), which is a cross-platform program for PC with Spectrum’s sound emulator plus possibility to save music and play it on real machine. The tracker is a brilliant piece of software that includes a lot of BEEPER sound-engines, also Music Studio and Music Box. It’s audible how far coding has been developed nowadays; irrlicht project can make miracles with modern sequencing, tracker-like editor, changeable tempos and so on. But still with the same ZX sound-cores that I used.

For the album I used also several tracks I made for ZX Spectrum 48K games:
“Pacman TXT” by Factor6
“Horace in The Mystic Woods” by Bob Smith
“Binary” by Mulder
“W*H*B*” by Bob Smith

My song “One Bit Sound” comes from a comedy movie "Fishing For Disaster" (a story about a company making games in old good 80s ).

Track “Press the corresponding number” has been dedicated to Mark Time who created in 1985 the legendary ZX48 editor "Wham! The Music Box" (the first engine with more than ONE channel - which was TWO actually ).
Track “Horace's Adventure” has been dedicated to MS-CID who created in 1989 a very important ZX48 2-channels editor "The Music Studio".

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The LOwest FIdelity
The LOwest FIdelity