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General Discussion » BBCodes For Forum & Oneliner

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Author Thread
FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

484 Posts
#3 (14 years, 10 months ago)
This post is intended to test some of the more advanced BBCode tags implemented on this site, so that you know how to use them properly without an epic fail

Firstly, there are two distinct versions of many of the tags, some will work in oneliner only, others will work in forums/descriptions only, and so on. Almost all tags require an opening/closing tag to work properly, unless otherwise specified.

DemoVibes Specific Tags
There were a very limited number of Demovibes specific tags in the system already, so I decided to complete the list and overhaul all of them. Here is a complete list, laid out with the tag name and an example of what it looks like:

[ user ] tag: flagFishGuy876
[ artist ] tag (By Number, and Name): flag Martin Galway and flag Martin Galway - Invalid Artist: flag FishGuy876 (Andy Kellett)
[ group ] tag (By Number and Name): Delta Force and user Red Sector - Invalid Group - user He-Man Lovers
[ thread ] tag (by thread number): forum OneLiner / Forum Smilies
[ forum ] tag (by slug name) : [forum]general-talk[/forum]
[ flag ] tag (using country code): flag flag flag flag flag flag
[ song ] tag (using song number): Punish Your Machine - Primetime
[ queue ] tag (using song number): Computer » Atari ST (Sixteen/Thirty-two)Punish Your Machine - Primetime by flag Big Alec (Gunnar Gaubatz)

Normal text formatting is now fully supported:
bold text using [ b ]
italic text using [ i ]
underlined text using [ u ]
strikeout text using [ s ]

Standardized Font colors available to Forums/Oneliner:
[blue] text
[red] text
[green] text
[brown] text
[cyan] text
[darkblue] text
[gold] text
[grey] text
[magenta] text
[orange] text
[pink] text
[purple] text
[white] text
[yellow] text
[black] text

And if you want to use your own RGB font codes:
[color=#ff5500] text

L33T Rainbow Text:
DemoVibes Kicks Ass!! He-Man FTW!!

This can easily be acheived using any BBCode rainbow text generator and pasting the code into your post. Oneliner will support it too, but not for many characters!! I reccomend TekTek Colour Text Generator.

Text sizing is supported now in the forums. you can use a font size between 7 and 50px for displaying your words. use the [ size=num ] Text [ /size ] tag in order for it to work as below:

7px Font size
8px Font size
9px Font size
10px Font size
11px Font size
12px Font size
24px Font size
50px Font size

It groows!!!

Quoting Text
You can now quote a user in the forums, using the following command syntax:

Quoting noone in particular:
Quote: "Noone said hehe"

Is done using [ quote ]Noone said hehe[ /quote ]

Quoting someone in particular:
FishGuy876 said: "Hehe"

Is done using [ quote=FishGuy876 ]Hehe[ /quote ] Simple.

Creating links and external references
The simplest method of creating a URL here or oneliner is to use the [ URL ] tag. This will create a link that opens in new tab. You can also tailor the link a little bit, for example doing [ url=link to site ]Your Text Here[ /url ] will insert the link, only displaying your text. Like the examples below:

You can also do this for email, though some people don't in fear of being spammed. You can do: [ email ][ /email ] or [ ]Email Me![ /email ] :
Email Me!

And of course, you can embed images into forums using the IMG tag. Plain img tag works [ img ] Link To Image.jpg [ /img ], or [ img=link ]Bold Header[ /img ] which allows click to new window :

Aww, the little cutey!

Linking to YouTube Videos
A great way of showing off demos and stuff in the forums is to embed a YouTube video. This is done using the [ youtube ] command followed by the video number (such as S-T8h0T0SK8 ) and the closing tag. The result is below, with an added quote tag:

Combine Soldier said: "My balls!! Where are my balls! Why did they have to get rid of them in the surgical procedure! I didn't sign up for this!!"

Absolute classic

And because we can't leave out Google Video, you can embed in the same way using the [ gvideo ] tag, and it's code such as 1199004375595376444 and the closing tag:

YouTube videos can be placed as links in the OneLiner as well, using the YT tag. There are two formats, [ yt ] and the video number as mentioned above, which inserts a plain link to the YouTube video. The other, is to specify a title thats shown next to it:
[yt=My Balls! Where are my balls![/yt]

Feel free to make reccomendations for new tags, as I would like to add more.
Truth is the most important - Magda

84 Posts
#1634 (8 years, 5 months ago)

13 Posts
#1651 (7 years, 12 months ago)
FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

484 Posts
#1652 (7 years, 12 months ago)
Wrong forum for this

From what I see, the guy likes a few drinks. Necta is giving a hard time in the forums and the oneliner. I don't wish to pass judgement and do something to him here, after all, I haven't seen any problems so far. Everyone is welcome here
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