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Computer » Atari ST (Sixteen/Thirty-two)B.I.G. Demo - Master of Magic by flag Mad Max (Jochen Hippel)
Requested By: flag djrandom
In Albums: Compilation B.I.G. Demo (Best In Galaxy)

Time Left: 5:16

The B.I.G. Demo Screenshot
Rating: 3.00 (5 Votes)

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The passing of Ben Daglish 4 Oct. 2018 01:52

It is with great sadness that Ben Daglish passed away suddenly on Monday. Many of his friends and loved ones, and those whose lives he has touched with his music over his career have been leaving tributes and photos on his Facebook page. Please post your photos and respects to Ben and his family. RIP :(

DemoSplash 2015 - CVGM Will Be There! 17 Oct. 2015 18:19

CVGM will be at DemoSplash 2015 this year. Demosplash 2015 will be held 6-7 November 2015 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Demosplash is one of the largest demoparties in North America, catering both to newcomers to the demoscene as well as established artists.

If you are going to attend, let us know in the oneliner! FishGuy876 will be present to say hi, and have a few beers :)

New Atari EP by Ultrasyd - Chipsters 24 Oct. 2014 23:26

Discover the world of Ultrasyd on this 6-track EP packed with the most ultra-hip sound ever heard on the AtariST home-computer. It’s that good. We promise.

As a member of Brainstorm, Ultrasyd has collected some credits over the last years as a demoscener with his high quality Atari and Amstrad CPC releases. On this first EP, Ultrasyd shows us his latest tricks and mad-skills funkatising the squarewave only YM2149 soundchip, it’s so fat that we had to ask a few times if this is a pure AtariST recording!

The music is full of lovely and positive Demo-vibes, it’s the perfect EDM for the LOLKids and it features some of the coolest Atari Space-Reggae we have ever heard!

Server Changes Are Now Complete! 25 April 2014 23:03

Its been a while since we posted any news about whats been going on with the site, so I thought I would just give a bit of an update to everyone about where things are.

We have completed the migration to the new VMWare server. This is a server that was purchased as an upgrade to the existing CVGM servers, and to give us the expandability we may need in the future as the site grows bigger. In the beginning, CVGM consisted of 2 servers, an ancient Xeon server with 2gb of ram to run the Python code, and an even more ancient AMD dual core server to handle the streams. When these boxes started to break down (they were leased from the datacenter we use) we ended up purchasing our own hardware, with the help of several donations to the site from our awesome listeners.

The new server has 8 3.16Ghz cores and 16gb of ram. It also allows us to split up the resources a little better, so the streams can now have their own little server etc. All good things :) For more details on the technical changes to the site, you can read up on one of these forum threads:

forum New Server Changes
forum New Icecast Streams!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to jump on the oneliner and ask, or post a message in the forums. Thanks!


Mark 'TDK' Knight - Reawakening Album Release! 18 Nov. 2012 13:27

Mark "TDK/MadFiddler" Knight is making his big return to the chiptune world with a brand new album titled "Reawakening" Join him, Obtuse, & Hoodie on 8BPH for a night of chat, ridiculousness, & a first listen to this *KILLER* chipalbum! You won't want to miss this! Some taster bits can be found on Mark's soundCloud page at

See the official Facebook event page by clicking Here.

The launch will be held at 3pm on December 9th, 2012. Tune in to the stream using the links on the Facebook page.

New Changes! 3 Oct. 2012 16:01

Some of you may have noticed that CVGM has made some pretty big changes! Read up more on the changes in the code at This Forum Post.

CVGM Is Upgrading Servers 23 March 2012 16:11

CVGM is in the process of building a new dedicated server box. This is a brand new server that we are building and will be hosted at our datacenter. The new server will have much newer hardware in it than the servers we currently rent. We are accepting donations for this via ChipIn and you can donate to the upgrade using the buttons below. To learn more about the upgrade, and discuss it further you can see our forum post about it at forum New CVGM Server Purchase

Obsoleet Microparty @ Mulhouse (France) 26 Jan. 2012 12:56

Party Website:
Facebook Page:

Chiptune / 8bit / LoFi party in Mulhouse, France on Saturday March 3rd ! Featuring performances from:

· Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours [FR]
· Xyce = Xylo + Cerror [NL]
· Bacalao [CH]
· Ultrasyd [FR]

Be there!! Discussion page & more details available on CVGM at forum Obsoleet Microparty @ Mulhouse [FR] Will Be Offline Jan. 18th To Protest SOPA 15 Jan. 2012 18:06

To protest the ongoing SOPA act in the US (Stop Online Piracy Act) we will be shutting down the site and it's streams for 24 hours, along with tens of thousands of other websites in the US who also do not want the bill passing.

I have set up a thread on the forums about this, feel free to read the included links to learn more about SOPA and what you can do as an individual to stop it from passing: forum Will go Dark On Jan. 18th To Protest SOPA

If the law passes, sites like CVGM and about 95% of the worlds web radio stations will disapear from the airwaves.


Happy Holidays! 22 Dec. 2011 12:19

From myself & the staff at CVGM, we would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday! We will be up and running over the christmas period as usual, so if you get bored of eating too much turkey & beer, drop by and say hi!

So, have a happy holiday from our goat family to yours!

This Weekend Is Evoke - You Should! 12 Aug. 2011 07:37

This weekend is Evoke - The main party of the year attended by Brainstorm members (moreso then the other parties of the year). Please join us in supporting our fellow goat friends in the competitions this weekend!

As more information is released such as stream links, we will add it here. The only confirmed sources right now will be the live audio from SceneSat, hosted by Ziphoid (also of Brainstorm!).

Good luck this weekend guys, and please have lots of beers for me!!

Moving To New Server 25 June 2011 12:29


Some time over this weekend, CVGM will be moving to a new, bigger and better server. This new server will give us double the ram, triple the CPU power, and a host of other excellent things. If you find later that you can't connect to the site, try back a little later and everything should be back to normal :)

We only have a short period of time for moving data between the 2 servers, so I apologize for the downtime that may occur ahead of time. I will post more in the forums as it becomes available.

Thanks! FishGuy876

PixelDance 2011 - Duffy's Tavern, Toronto, Canada - July 2nd, 2011 12 June 2011 07:46

Duffy's Tavern and Bitmasters Netlabel are bringing you Toronto's very first and ONLY monthly 8-bit music event on Saturday July 2nd, 2011!

This 19+ event will feature videogame-inspired tunes, crazy pixelated visuals provided by none other than CHIP RAMBO, and classic Nintendo games for all audience members to play to give you a big hit of nostalgia you won't soon forget.

So, bring 5 bucks and come get your tunes on! Chiptunes, that is!

The night of 8-bit madness will feature:

Oxvylu -
DJ Eastern Blok -
jefftheworld -
Starpilot -

Presented by Bitmasters Netlabel. For free music and more, check out

Facebook Event:

Blip Festival 2011 - New York 05-19 - 05-21 @ Eyebeam 15 April 2011 15:20

Blip Festival 2011 is coming up on us fast! CVGM will be attending the festival this year, and we openly invite everyone with an interest in chip music to attend! Our very own Ultrasyd will be doing his very first live show, and I will be right there in the front row showing my support! Some of the artists also performing live at the festival include:

Bit Shifter
Henry Homesweet
Party Time! Hexcellent!
Peter Swimm
Talk To Animals
Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families
Tristan Perich
Wet Mango
Zen Albatross

With even more to be announced :)

Complimenting the nighttime performances are an dazzling array of daytime workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that illustrate the openness and encouragement that are hallmarks of the chip community. More often than not, a fan can attend Blip, discover their new favorite artists, and obtain the tools needed to start working on their own music when they return home, something many of this years performers know all too well!

Some Important Links:

Fifth Anniversary Edition

May 19-21 2011 · at Eyebeam
540 West 21st Street
New York NY 10011 US

Our Thoughts & Prayers To The People Of Japan 14 March 2011 12:16

Our thoughts & prayers go out to those people in Japan who have been affected by the huge earthquake and giant Tsunami floods. After watching the events of Friday unfold in front of my eyes on the BBC live coverage, the swift speed of the floods and the damage that they caused is just mind-blowing. I am hoping the country can get back on it's feet very soon.

Many charities and organizations around the world are setting up donation pages. Don't be scammed! Unfortunately, the world is full of people who are willing to take advantage of people wishing to help others in such a time of crisis. If making a donation, be sure you know about the charity first (we recommend the Red Cross or World Vision charities).

Japan has a lot of work to do yet; They are still facing more widespread problems with their nuclear reactors becoming unstable, many people are yet to be found and there are millions of homes that need to be rebuilt. The world should unite at times like this to help those desperately in need.

Friday Night Is Session Night! 16 Feb. 2011 08:58

Every Friday night we plan to launch a session or 2 on CVGM. This Friday will be a monster Amiga session. More information located at Feel free to post your own suggestions for your favourite Amiga songs to add to the playlist!

This thread will be used to post info regarding future sessions as well, so make any suggestions you like to hear :)

New EP By Xerxes - 226 B.C. 16 Nov. 2010 07:35

The new E.P. by Xerxes has been released - 226 BC. This 3-track EP (with a 4th bonus track) is a very relaxing listen. Definitely worth a listen. Purchase from the author's BandCamp site for just $3 or listen from the page.

"Finally I get to present some new music. They are quite different in style, yet they connect on some level. I have tried to explore different moods within the chillout genre without leaving out the usual Xerxes sound. These tracks are exclusive for this EP, and none of them will be duplicated on the forthcoming full length album. Hope you find them enjoyable. Massive thanks to Mogens Skjold for the stunning artwork."