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Requested By: flag djrandom

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Development Area » DJ Random - what should it do?

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Author Thread

79 Posts
#1079 (8 years, 3 months ago)

There has been some discussion on oneliner chat on what djrandom should do.

Some have said that the content of stream has not so high quality (when nobody's requesting) since people have not had much quality control when uploading tracks.

If this is our concern, there may be a couple of different solutions for that

For example...

a) DJ random would play only songs voted 3 or higher

b) DJ random would play only songs handpicked by moderators. This may sound like a big job but not necessarily too big. Ppl would go through platforms and select tracks that they know to be fine. Some good tracks would be left out in the beginning but they could be added later.

It seems currently djrandom has emphasized new or non-voted tracks. But when djrandom plays something, there's usually nobody voting, so playing non-voted tracks does not get them voted necessarily...

(btw, as already discussed we could rename djrandom since it's not so random anymore)

95 Posts
#1080 (8 years, 3 months ago)

djrandom is focused on unvoted songs only in its specific mode (mood). If you switch it (from the Queue page, click blue text) to "Play Whatever I Can Find" it will play random tunes and the selection is good.


106 Posts
#1081 (8 years, 3 months ago)
I can't help but to notice it keeps selecting tracks I have uploaded recently when in mood for unrated tracks, so I usually switch its mood to random or best rated tracks when I am listening, so I don't have to listen to tracks I uploaded over the past few weeks or so as I've listened them all before the upload already ;)) I find it hard to believe that only new tracks are without votes. It sometimes picks the track and play it right after I've uploaded it

Another reason is that it is mostly set to unrated tracks and if there are few people listening noone will be rating anything. Not to mention that they'd just be queued again in a couple of weeks by djrandom if they are left without votes. I think djrandom should refrain from selecting tracks that are uploaded in the last week or so.

27 Posts
#1163 (8 years, 2 months ago)
Lets have a different icon to show the non admins what mood DJ Random is in, or split his schizophrenia into DJ Random, DJ TopTrax and DJ NewEntry
On a serious note, have also noticed new track addiction of DJ Random and not a fan when he does that!!!
Strong enough for a man, but I like it too!

4 Posts
#1164 (8 years, 2 months ago)
"split his schizophrenia into DJ Random, DJ TopTrax and DJ NewEntry"

...That's not a bad idea, is it?
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