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Miscellaneous » NewschoolElevation (ft. Karle Moulden) by flag Smiletron
Requested By: flag epso
In Albums: Compilation Chiptunes = WIN: Vol. 1

Time Left: 6:20

Chiptunes = WIN \m​|​♥​|​m/ Cover Screenshot
Rating: 4.43 (7 Votes)

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Song Information

Console » PlayStation 2 (PS2)Katamari Damacy - Lonely Rolling Star

Author: flag Saki Kabata (椛田 早紀) , flag Yoshihito Yano (矢野 義人)

Production Label: LabelNamco
Uploaded By: flag Goatfather

Extra Resources: Icon

Song Length: 5:44
Release Year: 2004
Song Status: Active
Song Bitrate: 221 kbps
Song Source: Official Original Soundtrack (OST)
Song Platform: PlatformConsole » PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Last Queued : 4 weeks ago

This song has been played 122 times. [See Request History]
It was added 9 years, 12 months ago.

Song Rating

Song Rating: 4 - Votes Placed: 28 View Voting History
A total of 13 users have this song on their favourites list.

Compilation / Remix Information

This Song Is Listed In The Following Compilations:

Compilation Katamari Damacy


Katamari Damacy (PS2)
Katamari Damacy (PS2)
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User Comments

User Song Comment
flag MikuroK

I really like this track.

flag zneek


flag Falken
Falken / brainstorm

Unicode isn't supported in the song info, so I'm posting the lyrics here.
I originally tried duplicating the "You're lonely rolling star" part, but
it became rather difficult to follow, so I've used quotation marks instead:
Lonely Rolling Star

陽だまりサンサン ココロは晴れ模様
hidamari sansan kokoro ha haremoyou
ふたつの瞳は ヒマワリの種のよう
futatsu no hitomi ha himawari no tane no you
語らい重なり カタマリ絡まり
katarai kasanari katamari karamari
一緒にいること 絶対必然
issyo ni iru koto zettai hitsuzen
demo anata daiji na yume wo egaku
終わるまではずっと そう ここで待っている
owaru made ha zutto sou koko de matteiru

You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
立ち止まらないで ねぇ
tachidomaranai de ne
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
saa mae wo muite ikou

星空 キラキラ コンペイトウのよう
hoshizora kirakira konpeitou no you
甘くて切ない 思いが募るの
amakute setunai omoiga tsunoru no
dakishimeta omoi ha yozora wo mai
kyuukouka shite anata no moto he todoku kara

You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
あきらめないでよ ねぇ
akiramenai de yo ne
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
tamani ha denwa shite
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
aitai yo ima sugu
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
はぁ タメイキがひとつこぼれる
haa tameiki ga hitotsu koboreru

raigetsu mata ano basyo de machiawase shiyou ka

You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
立ち止まらないで ねぇ
tachidomaranai de ne
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
思い出してよ ねぇ
omoidashite yo ne
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
待ってられないの ねぇ
matterarenai no ne
You're lonely rolling star
" " " "
saa mae wo muite ikou